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We Actively Process Our World,
Learn to make it suit You

Whether you're interested in personal development and change, organizing and exploring group dynamics or learning and training, you might just have found what you were looking for. Have a look around my site and get in touch if you have any questions.


Group Sessions



One - on - One

Group Trainings


Online Modules

Self-support from the comfort of your own home.

Sport Psychology

Develop the right mindset and psychological skills to improve your performance. Learn how to reach optimal performance and discover your flow state. 




Discovering what your destiny is in this life, is an amazing thing! Supporting others to fulfil their potential is mine. To become a skilled mental health practitioner I've completed seven years plus of university level training and continue to follow additional trainings around the world each year. We never stop growing as an individual or professional. 

There is a way to overcome any problem and a personalised approach guided by excellent clinical skills, is the best and most effective way to reach that goal. 

As an open minded and sceptical person I firmly believe the only way to grow is to get to know ourselves, move out of our own comfort zone and change what we've been doing so far. Awareness, Acceptance and Adaptation are key elements to my practice.


 I have worked in different countries, within different cultures, a variety of people and explored parts of the world already. I have met people from all over the world, that have each in their own way enlightened my path. My journey started in Belgium, allowed me to discover parts of Africa, Asia and has now brought me to New Zealand.

When mind, body and spirit work as one, anything is possible




"Give a person a fish and they will eat for a day. Teach a person how to fish and you feed them for a lifetime." A good idea needs to be stolen and I believe in sharing what you know helps make people better than yourself. 

We all have the resources within to help ourselves and as a mental health professional I believe in bringing those resources to the surface and giving people the understanding and skills to live a better life.


People often say "I am my own worst critic" and I am passionate about making them their own greatest strength. From the moment I decided to study psychology, I knew I had found my passion. Every training, all courses and every single client since has only made my passion for my work stronger. 

People are capable of much more than they realise and I am passionate about supporting them to discover this themselves.


"When mind, body and spirit work together, anything is possible."

Most therapies still focus on one part of the puzzle and I strive to integrate spiritual, social, psychological and physical wellbeing. 

Focussing on symptom management only gets people that far,  yet focussing on their wellbeing has no limits. When health comes first, greater wellbeing follows.


“After the hypnotherapy session I went straight to the mall and went up the escalator. No more fear!” 


—  Anonymous

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