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Your Process

We all need a personalised approach to reach our goals and achieve change in our lives. My practice has been influenced by many different disciplines and psychological modalities to form a three phased model of Empowerment.

There are always different starting points to a journey. Finding the right support helps you develop your areas of growth and supports to use and develop your existing strengths more effectively.


Our initial session will help determining where we start. During an initial meeting, together we will determine that starting point of our journey together. 


Nobody knows you like you know yourself. You might say that you are the expert on all things you. To become an expert at anything, the first step to take is to realise what you know and more important know what you do not know. Therefore the first step in our process is to become aware of conscious and subconscious processes that shape your subjective reality. As an example, did you know that your brain does not process the word 'No'? Try and not think about a polar bear and see what happens!


Whilst most people are eager for a solution and getting to the end result as fast as possible. Following awareness, the next step is to realise where to start. Once we've become aware of our conscious and subconscious processes, we need to accept who we are at the start of this journey. This does not mean that we like everything about ourselves or where we are, but we have to accept what we are working with. By showing compassion to ourselves and our starting point, we will be able to grow further.


Sometimes we stop at acceptance, sometimes we strive for change. We have the possibility to live our lives and the responsibility to determine how we will live it. Yes, things will happen that are (far) beyond your control, but how we deal with these, knowing our areas of growth and our strengths will help us live the life we want and create a better overall wellbeing.


People are by nature social beings. We learn best by making connections within ourselves and with others.

Have a look at what workshop or group training you're interested in. Or send me a message with personal requests.  


Individually, as a couple or with the whole family, anyone can benefit from support or guidance.

Together we  can work to overcome difficulties, gain insight and reach your goals.


Experience the benefits of guided self-support and discover what you can do for you from the comfort of your home,

Start your journey today and empower yourself.

Formal Education

  • Bachelor of Psychology

  • Master of Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology

  • Master of science of Human Sexuality Studies

Continuous Education

  • Hypnotherapy Mentorship, Belgium ​

  • EMDR New Zealand​

  • Micro-Expression Master

  • Body Language Master

  • Biofeedback Training MIT, BCIA


  • Belgium

    • Psychology Commision

    • Federation of Psychology

    • Association of Clinical Psychology

    • Association of Sexology

  • International

    • International Hypnotherapist Registry

  • New Zealand

    • Psychologist Board

    • Psychological Society

    • New Zealand Association for EMDR therapists

    • ACC

    • ISSC 

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