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Workshops and Presentations

Workshops are always tailor-made to the client. Below you can find a couple of examples of previous workshops and presentations. If your topic isn't found in the list, make sure give me a call or send me an email. Pricing is on demand.

Burn Out

What employers need to know - presentation for anyone leading a team. Learn how you as a company can prevent burn out!

What employees must know - more and more people are confronted with the word Burn Out, Learn what this might mean for you and how to handle and prevent being overwhelmed by stress.

The Dynamics of Change

Why do people change their behaviour? When are you ready for change? How to make change stick?

Let's explore the main reasons why someone wants to change or not, discover the things that keep us form change and experience how to achieve permanent change.

Hypnosis: Truth and Myth

If you're reading this, chances are great that you've heard about hypnosis before. Maybe you've heard someone talking about it or have seen it on TV, but what is it? Let's bust the myths and reveal the truth about hypnosis. If your'e willing you might even experience your first induced hypnotic trance.

My Self-image and Me

The way we see ourselves determines in many ways the way we live our lives. What we believe becomes our reality.  During this workshop you get to know how to shape your own image and become the person you want to be.


Let's talk about sex - since 1966 we've learned a lot about sexuality, the sexual response and sex in general. In this interactive workshop you get to learn and experience more about yourself and your partner. Reach new heights of intimacy and connection. 

Sexual Education - sexual education is a must for everyone. We all have this idea of what sex is supposed to be, but how realistic is this image? 

Aerial Yoga

Discover yoga in a brand new way. Get off the ground and have an inverted look on the world. Aerial yoga is great for beginners and people with back problems, giving them the support they need. Challenge yourself even more when swinging an inverted butterfly and feeling totally free.

Laugh till you drop

We all know a good laugh is good for our health, yet we don't seem to do it enough. We always need a reason to laugh or do we? Get into laughing and walk out broad smiling for the rest of the day. Discover the many ways you can laugh and bring a friend for extra pleasure!

Group Hypnosis

If you can hypnotise one person, you can hypnotise ten. If you can hypnotise ten people, you can hypnotise a hundred. Get a big enough group together and experience mass hypnosis. Whether it's to quit smoking, getting rid of fears or installing power anchors! Get in touch and discover all the possibilities hypnosis can bring you.

Thinking about suicide, let's say it out loud.

Death. We all have experience with it and might even think about it. How do we react when people think about suicide? In this practical approach we learn to talk about it out loud and look for tell signs of people going through a tough time. By the end of the workshop there will be no taboes and we'll be equipped with the tools to react to these often difficult situations.

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