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This could be via individual sessions, couple and whanau sessions or in group. During our sessions we will draw from a holistic perspective following my personally developed three phased model of awareness, acceptance and adjustment.


A trusting and collaborative relationship between supervisor and supervisee is an essential component of effective supervision and good practice. The key component exists of creating space for conducting a self-reflective review of practice, to discuss professional issues and to receive feedback on all elements of practice, with the objectives of ensuring quality of service, improving practice and managing stress.

Our initial supervision will start with establishing a needs assessment to establish the strengths, values, cultural and professional development needs of the supervisee and the expectations of any stakeholder interests.


If you know what you want to achieve and want to get down to business, get in touch with me. After a half a day or a full day of unpacking and devising a plan, we'll reach our key objectives. If we connect, I will be there all the way. Generally this type of mentorship is spread over a course of minimum three months.

We all need a personalised approach to reach our goals and achieve change in our lives. My practice has been influenced by many different disciplines and psychological modalities to form a three phased model of Empowerment.

There are always different starting points to a journey. Finding the right support helps you develop your areas of growth and supports to use and develop your existing strengths more effectively.


Our initial session will help determining where we start. During an initial meeting, together we will determine that starting point of our journey together. 

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