All Inclusive

Each therapy session is standard about 50 to 60 minutes.

*Prices are GST inclusive

The fee is payable on attendance by cash or by banktransfer before the start of our session.

Appointments cancelled more than 48h in advance will not be charged.

However, if a session is cancelled less than 48h in advance a 50% fee may apply.

Failure in attending the booked session will result in being charged the full fee.



Weight Loss

The fee is payable on attendance by cash or by banktransfer before the start of our first session. Payment plans are optional and on request.


Online Therapy

Same prices for counselling and therapy apply for online help services that take place by Skype.


Workshops & Group Sessions

Tailor-made workshop or presentation for any audience.

Possible subjects:

  • Burn Out

    • What employers need to know​

    • What employees must know

  • The Dynamics of Change

  • Hypnosis: truth and myths

  • My self-image and Me

  • Sex

    • Let's talk about sex​

    • Sexual Education

Pricing on demand - contact me with your enquiry.

Individual or groups sessions on location.

Possible themes:

  • Laugh sessions

  • Aerial Yoga

  • Group Hypnosis

Pricing on demand - contact me with your enquiry.



One-on-one Hypnosis training

Master hypnosis by opting for the private one-on-one, tailored to your needs training. Master hypnosis skills and develop your own personal style in a practical and personal way. Around ten full days of learning and experiencing everything you need about hypnosis.

Group Hypnosis Training

Join the group training and become a master hypnotist. Learn everything you need to know about hypnosis and start hypnotising today. Starting with the most basic techniques and induction and going to impromptu and advanced hypnosis. One week of training and you'll be THE HYPNOTIST. 


If you know what you want to achieve and want to get down to business, get in touch with me. After a half a day or a full day of unpacking and devising a plan, we'll reach our key objectives. If we connect, I will be there all the way. Generally this type of mentorship is spread over a course of three months.

All pricing is on demand - contact me with your enquiry.

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