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Mind Matters Most - First Post


Helping people overcome difficulties to get where they want to be and make the most out of their lives is my passion! In this blog you'll read about everything I've learned and experienced in my search for the key to living a happy life. I believe a good idea should be stolen, but since stealing is a crime I'll just share everything I've got with you. You'll find information about Psychology, Sex and Hypnosis in this blog. There will be practical tips and tools to help you make the most out of your life.

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Why take my word?

My name is Sander Sollie and I'm trained as a Clinical Psychologist, Sex Therapist and Hypnotherapist. In my practice I've helped many different people, often with the same questions and difficulties, change their lives. When you have a look through my website you'll see that I've learned that the mind is a powerful tool and when we use it right, there's not limit to what we can achieve. When mind, body and spirit work as one anything is possible...and that is exactly what I want to share with you!

If you can change your mind, you can change your life - William James -

Together we can reach our goals

There's so much information out there these days that it's hard to figure our what's right or wrong, helpful or gibberish. It's often even tiresome to find what you're looking for. Sometimes you'll find someone else write a post here as well, because we all have valuable experience to share. Humans are social beings and only together we'll get where we want to be, so please leave a comment, ask a question and share your experience. If you have a topic in mind you want to read more about, let me know!

To sum it up

With every post I will share tips and tools about Psychology, Sex and Hypnosis by showing and sharing personal experiences, techniques and research. You'll find a new post every other week to start of with. My first goal is getting 100 subscribers in the first year, anything above is incredible. What am I asking you? SHARE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE.

Talk to you later,


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