Group Hypnosis Training

Join the group hypnosis training and become a master hypnotist. Learn everything you need to know about hypnosis and start hypnotising today. Starting with the most basic techniques and inductions and going to impromptu and advanced hypnosis. One week of training and you'll be THE HYPNOTIST. 

  • Basic training

    • History​

    • Different states of mind

    • hypnosis

    • Meeting the conditions

    • Susceptibility tests

    • Classic induction

    • Dangers

    • Anchors and Post hypnotic suggestions

  • Advanced training

    • Inductions​

    • Hypnotic Phenomenons

    • Practical Protocol

    • Parts work

  • Master training

    • Your own practice​

    • Suggestions

    • Deepening trance

    • Group hypnosis

    • See hypnosis

    • Brainwaves

    • Regression and past lives

Private One-on-One Training

Master hypnosis by opting for the private one-on-one, tailored to your needs training. Master hypnosis skills and develop your own personal style in a practical and personal way. Around ten full days of learning and experiencing everything you need about hypnosis. Private training can be booked by the day and customised to your needs. Let me know what you're interested in and we'll work out the perfect approach.

General Mentoring

If you know what you want to achieve and want to get down to business, get in touch with me. After a half a day or a full day of unpacking and devising a plan, we'll reach our key objectives. If we connect, I will be there all the way. Generally this type of mentorship is spread over a course of minimum three months.