Sex Therapy

Let's talk about sex! We've all got an extensive vocabulary to talk about sex, though when do we really use it? Sex Counselling let's us talk about sex, sexual difficulties and the way you and you're partner handle 'it'. By clearly communicating and understand one another, you explore our own sexuality in a positive way. 'What is good sex?' or even 'What does sex mean to you?' Since there is no right/wrong or weird answer I'm keen to learn, share and explore together.

Every session ends with take home exercises to get to know yourself, each other and each others needs. Rediscover your sexuality and even take it to new heights. Topics that often appear in the practice are:

  • Differences in libido

  • Difficulties with sexual arousal

  • Not/to quickly/to slow orgasm and ejaculation

  • Pain during sex

  • Vaginismus (vaginal spasms, especially during sexual intercourse)

  • Sexual shyness or aversion

  • Sexual orientation

  • Sexual preferences (BDSM, fetish, exhibitionism, voyeurism,...)

  • Pedophilia

  • Transgenderism

  • Gender dysphoria

  • Sexual addiction

  • and others...

For sex counselling it isn't always necessary to have all partners here. Even with individual counselling you can explore everything you need.  Classically sex counselling looks like this:


Sex Education

In session

Tailored information about the physical, relational and psychological needs of our sexuality. Myth busting guaranteed! 



Take Home excercises

Discover new skills by practicing in the safe space of your home. Increasing intimacy and sexuality.



Together and alone

Individual and relational issues will be uncovered and discovered together.