My Approach

Everyone deserves a personalised approach to reach their goals and achieve change in their lives. As you can read below I use two different approaches when it comes down to being there for people. Find out if the Brief-Solution Oriented or the Client-Centred Narrative is more your style. Don't worry, by the end of the first session you'll know what's the right way. In all cases, we'll create the right conditions together.

Brief-Solution Oriented

Are you ready to make change happen? Do you know what needs to happen, but just don't seem to make it happen? Heard it all before, but haven't experienced it yet?

Get rid of your irrational beliefs, preconceived ideas of what is real and what is not. Reach your full potential in a couple of sessions and experience change. Unshackle your true potential today!

Client-Centred Narrative

How do you know if this approach suits you? If you're looking for the right guidance and support in an open and safe speace (space of peace), then this is it! It's when you're feeling the need for change, but still feel like there are some peaces of the puzzle that need to fall into place. How do we do this? By creating an environment where everything can be said and done without influencing your day to day life. That way, everything that's useful to you can be taken home and everything you don't need, you just leave it in my office.

Specialising in Clinical Psychology,

Sex Therapy and Hypnosis

Clinical Psychology

Individually, as a couple or with the whole family, anyone can benefit from psychological support or guidance, whether we meet the criteria for psychological disorder or not.

Together we  can work to overcome difficulties, gain insight and reach your goals.

Sex Therapy

Let's talk about sex.

From general questions about sex or relationships to experiencing problems. Nothing that you are thinking of hasn't been asked before.

Believe it or not, most difficulties and questions are not that uncommon.

Let's meet up and find out.


Experience the benefits of real hypnosis and discover what your mind can do for you.

Access your subconscious mind and change thoughts, responses behaviour and feelings.

Stop self-sabotaging today and making lasting change happen!

Online Therapy

Finding it hard to leave the house or meet up at the office?

An online session might be the perfect solution for you!

Whether it is a temporary first step or simply what suits you best.

Guidance and support in the comfort of your own home.

Have a look and see what approach works best for you. 


Make your choice between private one-on-one training or group training for hypnosis.

Reach key objectives through private mentoring for the select few clients.


A good idea shouldn't be kept from anyone! So lets alle share our own experience and ideas in an interactive workshop or presentation.

Choose from the different topics or let us know what you're interested in and we'll make it work.


  • Master of Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology

  • Master of science of Human Sexuality Studies

  • Private Hypnotherapy Mentorship, Antwerp Belgium ​

  • EMDR Basic Training

  • Micro-Expression Practitioner


  • Belgium

    • Psychology Commision

    • Federation of Psychology

    • Association of Clinical Psychology

    • Association of Sexology

  • Europe

    • International Hypnotherapist Registry

  • New Zealand

    • Psychologist Board

    • Psychological Society