Clinical Psychology

Individual Counselling

Coaching you with a Brief-Solution Oriented or a Client-Centred Narrative Approach, we'll achieve growth and personal development. Typical presenting problems may be, but are not limited to:

  • Emotional difficulties (Fear, Depression, Panic disorders, mood-related difficulties, stress,...)

  • Social and interpersonal problems (Social anxiety, work-related issues,...)

  • Regulating disorders (eating, sleeping,...)

  • Alcohol and other Drugs

  • Behavioural difficulties

  • Life changing events (Chronic sickness and pain,...)

  • Sports

  • and others

Relationship Counselling

Whether it feels like 'something is missing', you can't seem to connect anymore, the distance is only getting greater and greater or you're looking for ways to deepen your relationship, relationship counselling can help you with your needs.

Although everything about 'being in a relationship' seems evident and naturally there, learning to connect and deepening your bond can be learned with practice. Two things we all need in a relationship is knowledge and communication. We need to get to know ourselves and our partner and, of course, we need to find the best way to get talking about us.

Family Counselling

Whether it is by blood or by experiencing, family is important for everyone! Some of our family members we choose and some are given. When even one member of our family is experiencing difficulties it can effect our entire dynamic. It's simply because what happens to them, happens to us. Facing these things together will not only help us as individuals, but make us greater as a whole. I often even suggest at least one family session with every individual counselling as well.